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How to Start the Shadows of Rose DLC – Resident Evil 8 Village Wiki Guide

The harrowing story of Resident Evil 8 Village carries on with a new protagonist in the Resident Evil 8 Village DLC Expansion, . Play as the teenage Rose Winters, struggling to find a way to be rid of the cursed powers her connection to mutamycete mold grants her.

The Resident Evil 8 Village “Winters’ Expansion” with the Shadows of Rose DLC, will be available for download on October 28th, 2022 at 21:00 PDT/0:00 EDT. On this page of IGN’s Resident Evil 8 Village wiki, we walk you through how to start the Shadows of Rose DLC and access the special Street Wolf Outfit included in the pre-ordered Winters’ Expansion bundle.


How to Access the Shadows of Rose DLC

To unlock the Shadows of Rose DLC for Resident Evil 8 Village, head to your console’s store page and search for the “Winters’ Expansion”. Purchase and download the “Winters’ Expansion” content. Once the content has been downloaded, launch Resident Evil 8 Village.

If your installation was successful, a message should pop up saying that the Winters’ Expansion and the following game mode and extra games have been added:

  • Third Person Mode
  • The Mercenaries Additional Orders
  • Shadows of Rose
  • Once you find yourself on the main menu for Resident Evil 8 Village, navigate to the “Bonuses” option near the bottom of the menu.

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    You will find the Shadows of Rose DLC beneath the “Extra Games” section of the Bonuses menu. Select Shadows of Rose to access the start menu for the Shadows of Rose DLC game mode. Head to the Shadows of Rose DLC Walkthrough page for a guide.


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    How to Equip the Street Wolf Outfit

    If you pre-purchased the Winter’s Expansion bundle, you will also have access to Rose’s “Street Wolf Outfit” for the Shadow of Rose DLC.

    RE8 Street Wolf Outfit.jpg

    To equip Rose’s Street Wolf Outfit, start up Shadows of Rose from the Bonuses menu. Inside the Shadows of Rose start menu, select “Special”.

    In the Special menu, you can choose to equip Rose’s default “Dad’s Jacket” outfit, or the Street Wolf Outfit. Select which outfit you would like Rose to wear during the Resident Evil 8 Village Shadows of Rose DLC.

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